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Waistband & Lining

Pattern Free Download

Below you will find the Waistband & Lining Pattern Free to Download (pdf file) in the 44 size. You can cut the pattern with the seams 1 cm and hem 3 cm following the red line, and sew it in the industrial method. Or else, you can cut it without the seams, following the black outline of the Waistband & Lining, and sew it in the sartorial method, giving the seams and the hem that you prefer.
You will find the size measurement of “Free Downloadable Patterns in “SkillMood Patterns Measurements Tables” on the “Patterns and Sewing” page.

This Waistband & Lining, can be sewn with the Straight Skirt and to many other models that I will put on the Blog and you will find in the section “Free Patterns to Download“.
All pages have numbers in magenta color, to make easily recompose all pattern.
If you want only the Waistband, print from page 1 to page 4. If you want, Waistband & Lining print all pages of pdf document.

Waistband & Lining Pattern Free to Download

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