Kit Help Bee

Kit Help Bee

The “kit” to help bees

From the collaboration between SkillMood and AtelierRipsDesign, during the pandemic, a project was born entirely via the internet (due to a distance of 300 km) which aims to raise awareness about the problem of the extinction of bees and to help beekeepers, who are getting in trouble because of this emergency. Thus was born the “Help Bee kit” that contains a group of objects which main to teach the bee world to kids and to stimulate their creativity using manual assignments and didactic activities, that can be used by school teachers; in addition part of the proceeds will be donated to help our little friends. The kit contains:

– a T-shirt;

– a small playful /didactic book;

– a honey bar of soap;

– a cotton shopper;

– a sachet of seeds to plant;

– a 3D Bee.


If you want to buy the kit, you can find it for sale on If you want to buy more kits for school educational activities, summer camps, museums, beekeepers, or are interested in selling the kit, contact us at the email: and you will receive a discount.  

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