How to make a surgical mask at home – free  pattern

How to make a surgical mask at home – Free Pattern

Hello, everyone, in this difficult moment due to the Covid 19 pandemic, where it has become problematic for anyone to find surgical masks, I thought of making the mask pattern available so that you can also make them at home. As per the Decree, you can only go out to the market, to work or to make medical visits, but for all those who need to go out for one or other urgent reasons and do not have a mask, I hope this pattern can be useful. I state that it will not be easy to find the fabric used for the masks; I made them by recycling a pillowcase and a shirt both in pure cotton, so that they can be machine washed at high temperature with antibacterial additive after every use. For this reason, I recommend that you make more than one to always have them available. Please help those who are close to you, sewing the masks for those who do not have a sewing machine, even if they can be sewn by hand, stopping the elastics well. Spread the word for those who need the pattern as it can help others.

Stay strong and positive, mates. Bye Scilla

P.S.: Tutorial about how to sew the mask here
For any clarification and doubt, please contact me via email or comments.       A hug and a kiss to all.
Below you will find the template file in pdf and jpeg, check the measurements once printed. For those who do not have a printer, they can follow the measurements and draw it by themselves.

Surgical Mask pdf Here

Surgical Mask jpeg Down

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