Coco – Elena Triolo – Book

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Title Coco
Illustrations Elena Triolo
Texts Lorenza Tonani
Publishing house Hop! edizioni
City and year of publication 2018
Genre book Biography / Comics
The main characters Coco Chanel
Narrative space Europe
Time of history Between the late 1800s and early 1900s


It was love at first sight.
I was walking inside the Feltrinelli bookshop located in Florence station (I often walk in bookstores), when my attention was drawn to the book’s cover. At that time I was preparing the articles about Coco Chanel’s life and honestly I had already reached the end, I did not want to look for other informative material on the subject to be clear. In fact, I was just snooping through the bookstore when I saw it and I was impressed.
The cover is all white with Chanel’s design in the center inspired by Man Ray’s “Coco” photo. A simple and linear design, where you can perceive the whole essence of a character who made history. Coco Chanel is placed in the center of the cover, with the cigarette in her mouth, a sign of the emancipation of a woman of character, the austere colors of clothing and pearl necklaces to represent her elegance, the particular hat that denotes the strong personality, and a touch of red lipstick to underline her femininity. With this design, whose simplicity of the stroke and the colors that have characterized the most important collections of Coco Chanel, Elena Triolo has managed to capture the distinctive features of a great stylist and to convey her authentic passion, not only for the design but also for the stylist who represented wonderfully.
The life of the stylist is told in a simple and detailed way starting from the origins of the family and following the various stages of Chanel’s life, including the “uncomfortable truths” which are often omitted to keep the myth high. A careful research loaded with unexpected information on Coco life, who describes the character in an authentic way. But what is strikingly intense are the illustrations through which Coco Chanel’s life is told and through which you can perceive the sensations, the moods, that the stylist lived during the various vicissitudes of a life full of events.
The colors are the masters. Characterizing the various phases of Coco’s life and underlining all the steps of the transformation. From a humble orphan and submissive seamstress, to a courageous innovative pioneer, who has been able to change her destiny becoming the creator of the homonymous fashion house, freeing her soul of fashion designer revolutionary and courageous, prisoner of a society full of canons that were too tight for her.
Elena Triolo has managed to capture the complete essence of Coco, recreating, through her sensational illustrations, a unique portrait of the life of one of the greatest and most innovative women in history, Coco Chanel.

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